Through fabrications, awful reporting, transphobic insinuations and soundbites from seemingly ignorant academics, UK media outlets weaponise the ONS census to continue stirring up transphobia.

Questions on sex and gender that will appear in the ONS 2021 census. The fist question read: ‘What is your sex? A question about gender identity will follow if you are aged 16 or over’. The options are ‘Female’ or ‘Male’. The second question reads: ‘Is the gender you identify with the same as your sex
 registered at birth? This question is voluntary’. The options are ‘Yes’ or ‘No’, with the option to ‘write in gender identity’ following the ‘No’ option.
Questions on sex and gender as they will be asked in the 2021 ONS census. [Source]

In a submission to a Parliamentary Select Committee, anti-trans group Women’s Human Rights Campaign reveal the extent of their hate towards trans people: they want them eradicated from the world.

It’s not unusual for organisations to buy followers in an attempt to give themselves an air of credibility. While one can’t be certain LGB Alliance arranged an influx of followers, it’s certainly suspicious, and LGB Alliance have a history of astrofurfing.

Despite men being the biggest threat of violence to women, Parker’s transphobia drove her to invite them into women’s toilets.

Many UK news outlets incorrectly reported that an NHS Trust was replacing words like “mother” and “breastfeeding” with gender-inclusive language, stirring up transphobia.

Women’s Human Rights Campaign submitted to Parliament that “hypno porn” is hypnotising men into being trans — they cite an article describing the dangers of a video with ‘a black and white spiral spinning slowly in the background’.

iPad displaying a black and white spiral pattern.
Photo by MK Hamilton on Unsplash

Potential plagiarism may bring into question the supposed expertise of Gender Critical academics, the seriousness with which they approach important issues that have life-changing impacts, and the validity and quality of their submissions to policymakers.


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